Hong Kong Human Resources Limited (‘HKHR’) was founded in 2002. Our objective is to create and to provide quality and timely trainings to equip workers with knowledge and skills which are required by their employers and the Government. As a result of our strong commitment to quality and our professional teaching staffs who have years of experience in their fields, HKHR has been able to train thousands of students annually. Our graduates have been widely employed by a broad range of private companies and institutions as well as government organizations. Thousands of hiring organizations recognize and accept our high-quality training programs and they send their employees to us when their employees have to obtain first-time qualification or revalidate their certification.

Presently, HKHR has a teaching staff of over one hundred who have years of practical industrial experience and academic credentials. Numerous specialized training programs have been successfully created and put in place and they are well-recognized by the Government as well as thousands of private companies and organizations. We manage six training centres for classroom teaching and more than 20,000 square feet of practical ground and actively expanding. Students can expect to learn in any effective and a comfortable environment in our facilities any time.

Besides our specialized and well-established curricula, HKHR also provides a series of work services that assist our graduated to seek employment. We have already helped thousands of our graduated to secure employment in different companies and organizations. Many private organizations also seek our assistance in finding additional employees.